Priori Weekender Kit


Who wants to spend money on skincare when you can spend it on fun? Then, when the week-end arrives, whether at home or on the road, indoors or out, in the heat or cold weather, make sure you have the skincare you need to rejuvenate and restore, so you look and feel your best during the day, or at night. Priori’s Week-Ender can go with you, or stay right at home and adapts to every situation…. even TSA.

This travel kit contains:

  • LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser 0.68 oz (20 ml)
  • LCA fx121 Skin Renewal Cream 0.33 oz (10 ml)
  • LCA fx140 Barrier Restore Complex 0.33 oz (10 ml)
  • LCA fx141 Hand and Body Replenisher 0.33 oz (10 ml)

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